Monday, 4 September 2017

DIY Tin Can Night Lights

DIY Tin Can Night Lights:

What you'll need:

- tin cans
- nail(s)
- hammer
- candles

How to do it:

Grab an empty tin can. I used a cat food tin can, peeled off the label and rinsed it carefully.
You can choose to paint your can however I preferred to leave it as it was. With your nail and hammer, create holes all around the can. Place your candle or tealight in the can making sure not to burn yourself. This easy DIY is the perfect mood light!


Saturday, 2 September 2017

Get the Look: Stranger Things

Get the Look: Stranger Things

Acne Studios ribbed top

Madewell stripe tee

MANGO ruffle blouse
$39 -

Acne Studios beige jacket

Rock jacket

Boyfriend jeans

Lanvin polish shoes

Timberland brown ankle booties
$180 -

Converse high top
$78 -

Converse retro sneaker
$52 -

Ray-ban eye glasses

RALPH red sunglasses
$125 -

Two Colour Mixed Berry Smoothie

Two Colour Mixed Berry Smoothie:

Today I will be sharing with you my Mixed Berry Smoothie recipe.


- handful of raspberries
- handful of strawberries
- handful of blueberry
- 1 kiwi
- 3 banana
- plain yogurt
- almond milk

How to do it:

1. First we will be preparing the bottom part of the smoothie which will be the main part to your smoothie. For this, throw in your raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi and one chopped banana.

2. Add in a big spoonful of yogurt and a bit of almond milk. The more milk you add in, the more liquid it will be. 

3. Blend. The base of your smoothies is done. Pour it into a glass.

4. Now to prepare the second part. For the top part of my smoothie, I just made a simple banana smoothie. Blend your two remaining bananas with half a spoon of yogurt and again a bit of milk.

5. Pour it over the the base smoothie and you are done!


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Get the Look: Riverdale

Here is my new Get the Look for one of my favourite series, Riverdale. I chose not to do Archie for this one, focusing on the girls' looks as well as Jughead's (<3). Enjoy!

Get the Look: Riverdale

High neckline crop top
$23 -

Isabel marant top
$790 -

Dorothy Perkins shirt top
$32 -

Print top

Hollister Co tartan shirt

Miss Selfridge velvet crop top

Blue waistcoat
$60 -

Chicwish tartan skirt

RED Valentino zipper skirt
$330 -

Converse shoes
$48 -

Boohoo heel pump

Red leather handbag

Tote bag purse

Fallon choker pendant

La Perla shell jewelry
$45 -

Astrid Miyu gold jewellery

Zimmermann enamel earrings
$200 -

Yellow gold jewelry

Beanie cap
$25 -